Fixed Assets Accounting Software

AssetAccountant is a comprehensive accounting solution for Fixed Assets.  It is simple to use and works efficiently for both large, complex registers as well as simple registers.  It provides extensive reports, enquiries, forecasts, journal entries, Excel exports and a report writer for all reporting and integration needs.  AssetAccountant caters for all classes of assets, Fixed, Leased and Hire Purchase.


  • Depreciation Basis and Effective Life specified for both Accounts and Tax
  • Depreciation Basis of Prime Cost, Diminishing Value, Div 43, Units of Use, Low Value Pool, STS and Software Pool
  • Provides supporting schedules for Accounts and Tax
  • Tracks assets by Cost Centre, Location or any Other Category
  • Creates comprehensive journal for posting to the General Ledger
  • Calculates Gain/Loss on Sale or CGT Gain/Loss


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