Escape from your Lease and Hire Purchase spreadsheet

One of the cornerstones of good business is accurate and informed asset management. No matter how good your business strategy is, you will never be able to hold on to your operating capital without careful management of your finances. 

The danger of using spreadsheets

If your office is using a product like Microsoft’s Excel to manage finance lease, AASB16 or hire purchase agreements, you will definitely run into issues. Spreadsheets are extremely expensive to develop. They are prone to errors. How often do multiple people need to access the data and someone makes a mistake that cannot be traced. Spreadsheets are hard to learn, hard to use, and full of human errors.  

It is also rare for spreadsheets to provide extensive reporting of payment forecasts. Not to mention, notifications of upcoming payouts and refinancing needs to be done manually. When depreciation rules change it can be expensive to update and test spreadsheets to reflect the new rules. Some businesses actually need to bring experts in, just to enter new leases and process monthly journals. 

How to automate and control your lease and hire purchase data

There are many software options out there which claim to replace spreadsheets. These are usually full of hidden costs. However, here is a trusted, fully Australian option which delivers on its promise: AssetAccountant. When purchasing AssetAccountant, you know exactly what the costs are. The best part is that it works out way cheaper than using spreadsheets. 

Here’s how it works. AssetAccountant is easy to learn and use. ALL the work can be done by your Bookkeeper. If you need a little extra help, they have a support desk (located in Australia) at no extra charge. The software is kept up to date with the latest tax laws and regulations. Plus you get extensive reporting on monthly journals, future payments and much more.

Here’s an overview of how it could benefit you:

  1. Simple to use and understand
  2. All calculations within the software work 100%
  3. Leases and HP’s can be refinanced
  4. Access to helpful, local Australian support
  5. Powerful reporting is included with mind blowing capabilities such as:
    1. Monthly journals
    2. Future payments
    3. Reporting showing period or year to date movement
    4. Comprehensive reporting in Excel exports
    5. Loan amount and liability by finance company


If you would like to know more about this incredible software, or see it live in action, feel free to content me on 02 9437 6417 or send an email to

A Critical Component of Building a Successful Australian Small Business is Using the Best Accounting Software

Growing a business from nothing is a challenge and a reward all in one package. Business owners learn quickly after starting their companies that keeping a close eye on finances is more than just a good idea; it’s an absolute necessity. Especially when you are operating a business that accumulates a large number of various assets, tracking them becomes essential. If you are using an Excel spreadsheet to track your assets, you will discover that over time and with growth, it will really slows you down.

Not only that, but Excel might not be doing all the things you need small business accounting software to do. Why struggle with a spreadsheet that you find difficult and frustrating to use? Lunic Software can take your spreadsheet and merge it into our AssetAccountant software to create the best simple and streamlined small business accounting experience. Whether you have a lot of fixed assets or a group of hire-purchase schedules to track, AssetAccountant can tackle the job with ease.

AssetAccountant is the easy-to-use small business accounting software you need

We designed our accounting software for Australian small business with several factors in mind: ease of use, compatibility and what users need to accomplish most often. For example, when tracking the depreciation of fixed assets with our software, it’s simple to set your depreciation basis, attach relevant documents or define custom fields to add additional data. Australian small business accountants won’t be able to accomplish so much so easily with an old and cluttered spreadsheet. When you are frustrated with how difficult your old spreadsheets are, let us take care of it for you. Our accounting software will supplant your old system and streamline your asset management. When you need to export back to Excel, AssetAccountant has powerful tools you can utilise. It is also designed to create journals for posting to your General Ledger. This is a simple process that makes keeping track of your small business finances more efficient.

We offer three levels of AssetAccountant to suit your small business based on the number of assets you need to track, with a seamless track to upgrading as your business grows. Australian companies can trust us to provide them with excellent accounting software for the entire life of their business.

Australian quality with comprehensive customer support

If you have questions about how to get the most out of AssetAccountant or even basic usage questions, users should always feel free to give us a call. We back up our product with full support and we never send your call offshore. Our help centre and staff are Australian, so you’ll get quick and informative local help right away. Need help merging your Excel spreadsheet into AssetAccountant, or need to move your MYOB files into our software? Don’t worry, because we can take care of the process for you!

If you’re ready to give the best small business accounting software a try, please give us a call on (02) 9437 6417. We can arrange for a demonstration and even a free trial for your business!

Asking Yourself “Where Can I Get Basic Business Accounting Software for My Business?” Turn to Lunic Software’s AssetAccountant

Owning and operating a business of your own creation is both a thrilling and a daunting task. Bringing together all of the critical pieces, such as securing capital, building your brand and expanding your company over time, is a rewarding if challenging process. As your business grows and acquires more assets, the amount of financial data you must keep track of will also increase. This information is not just important; it can be vital to the future success of your company. For example, keeping track of instalments on a hire-purchase plan is paramount. If you are not using business accounting software that makes it easy for you to track and monitor your assets, now is the time to start. If you are asking, “Well, where can I get accounting software for my business?” the answer is Lunic Software. Providing software to business in Australia for over ten years, our flagship product AssetAccountant is everything you need to stay on top of your accounting in one easy to use package.

AssetAccountant is full-featured and statutorily compliant business accounting software

Our software provides you with basic accounting features relating to assets as well as deeper tracking and asset management. For example, our software allows you to split an asset at any time if a portion of it is sold. The software will calculate the changes and make the necessary updates for you. We built our program to readily accept most transaction types from Excel, and we offer free conversion from your current Excel asset register. Never miss a detail with the comprehensive reports and journals our software also generates, which can be integrated into your General Ledger. When you decide “I want the best for my business,” AssetAccountant does the job.

Our software is constantly updated to keep it compliant with Australian statutory requirements and any changes to tax legislation. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, AssetAccountant is powerful enough for large enterprise but adaptable enough for small businesses and Not For Profit organisations. Don’t wonder “How can I handle my accounting?” when we can bring you a convenient solution that fits your business.

A track record in accounting software businesses can trust

Established in 2003, Lunic Software’s professional team has 25 years of experience in fixed asset software and business accounting. We’re proud to deliver and maintain our excellent products, and we believe our high quality and ease of use is reflected in the wide variety of enterprises, both big and small that rely on our accounting software for their business. When you purchase our software, you’re getting an Australian product backed up by an Australian team. Phone us for professional support and your call will never be forwarded to an overseas help centre. Our great support coupled with our timely updates to keep our software compliant with tax regulations make us the complete package. For a trial of our business software, or if you would like a demonstration, please ring us today on (02) 9437 6417 or use our web enquiry form!

AssetAccountant from Lunic Software Is the Easiest Business Asset Management System in Australia

Businesses and Not-for-Profit organisations throughout Australia in search of accounting solutions that work need asset management software that complies with Australian statutory requirements and provides the correct accounting of all assets whether fixed, leased or hire purchase. Lunic Software provides AssetAccountant, the premier business asset management system in Australia, to a wide variety of large and small companies. Since releasing AssetAccountant in 2004, Lunic Software has grown to offer its unique accounting software to major national accounting practices that use it to process asset registers for numerous enterprises.

Why Your Operation Needs Business Asset Management Software in Australia

Whether you own a business or run a non-profit organisation, you need to account for all of your assets properly. Whether fixed, leased, or hire purchase assets, accounting for them can be extremely complex as your operation grows. Choosing the right system to manage a company’s assets is a vital decision. You need a business asset management system that meets the needs of your operation while also meeting the needs of the business from a tax reporting standpoint.

As your business or organisation grows, it would be ideal that your asset management system grows too. An asset register software that can grow as your business expands allows a business to focus on what it does best instead of searching for new methods of asset management. AssetAccountant provides businesses and Not-for-Profit organisations with the accounting tools they need to track and accurately report all of their asset transactions.

What AssetAccountant Can Do for Your Operation

As stated, your business needs an asset tracking and accounting system that meets the needs of the business and can grow along with it. At Lunic Software, we have taken our 25 years of small business accounting and fixed asset software experience and paired that with 35 years of work in information technology. The result is AssetAccountant, first launched in 2004. It is asset register software that is used by a large number of large and small businesses, non-profit organisations and accounting practices throughout Australia. Major national accounting firms use our software to manage the assets of businesses around the country.

We make it very easy to begin using AssetAccountant offering free conversion from any current Excel based asset registers. We can integrate your current asset management system to AssetAccountant so that you can start reaping the benefits of using our system. You get the advantage of working with an Australian company that offers technical support from an Australian helpdesk, not a foreign call centre. We also provide timely upgrades to make sure that AssetAccountant is always up to date with the latest tax legislation changes and Australian statutory requirements.

Among business asset management systems in Australia, AssetAccountant makes reporting much easier. It replaces error-prone spreadsheets and builds comprehensive journals for posting to the General Ledger.

To see AssetAccountant for yourself, contact us today on (02) 9437 6417 or email us at to receive a free trial version of the program or for a free one-hour online demonstration.

AssetAccountant Provides Comprehensive and Simple to Use Leased Assets Accounting Software for Australia

One of the cornerstones of good business is accurate and informed asset management. No matter how good your business strategy is, you will never be able to hold on to your operating capital without careful management of your finances. If your office is using a product like Microsoft’s Excel or MYOB AssetManager Pro to manage a large number of assets, you might run into issues. Spreadsheets are hard to learn, hard to use, and prone to errors made by both humans and the program. When you need a better way to manage your leased assets, Lunic Software’s accounting software is made just for you. AssetAccountant replaces your spreadsheets with a program custom built to provide businesses in Australia with excellent leased assets accounting software. With several feature levels to choose from to suit your company, AssetAccountant can streamline your finances with its comprehensive reports designed for your General Ledger. This powerful software is an excellent choice when you are looking for a new way to tackle tracking your assets.

Everything your business needs in leased assets accounting software

Tracking leased assets isn’t just a matter of following best practices, it’s vital for your business. That’s why we created AssetAccountant to cover every facet that business owners need in accounting software for leased assets. Our program lets you finance leases, manage your operating leases and chattel mortgages, and allows you an easy method for calculating interest on leased assets. Ballooning payments are supported as are schedules for tax and accounts. It also generates reports you can attach directly to your General Ledger.

If your company is growing so fast that your spreadsheets can no longer keep up, they can be frustrating and difficult to use. Allow us to import your old sheets into AssetAccountant for you. Once you get a chance to see how powerful and well-rounded a tool it is, you’ll understand why so many businesses rely on Lunic Software for leased assets accounting software in Australia. Frequently updated and always compliant with tax and statutory regulations, our program lets you get a handle on your leased assets. In turn, you can form a more accurate picture of your business.

Decades of experience yield a product that just works

Backed by 35 years in information technology and 25 in fixed asset accounting, Lunic Software works hard to produce quality accounting software businesses, and non-profit organisations of any size can use. Whether you’re a pro at an accounting firm or an entrepreneur just trying to stay on top of things, AssetAccountant will make managing your leased assets easier than ever before. If you have any questions about the product, we offer a helpline with a guarantee that you will never be speaking to someone foreign! Our call centre is based in Australia just as we are. If you would like to see a demonstration to determine whether AssetAccountant is the right software for your business, we are more than happy to oblige. Call us on (02) 9437 6417 and we’ll work with you right away.

Live in Australia and Frustrated with Your Businesses Finance and Lease Accounting Software? Switch to Asset Accountant Today.

Are you frustrated with your Fixed Asset Spreadsheet because it’s overly complex, a headache to use and constantly making errors? If this is your situation, it might be worth looking into other options such as Lunic Software. We will load your spreadsheet free of charge into AssetAccountant, which provides comprehensive reporting and builds a journal for posting your general ledger.

Lunic Software is dedicated to helping you with your lease accounting needs. AssetAccountant offers an easy-to-use solution for financed assets. It can calculate interest with daily, four times a week, monthly or over a quarterly period. It can provide supporting schedules for finance and tax. Also, it can help you forecast future finance lease information.

About Us

Lunic Software is an Australian company, formed in 2003. The first version of AssetAccountant was created in 2004, and since then we have been improving it with each new release to ensure that we continually help make lease accounting easier for you. The software can perform three different kinds of asset accounting: fixed, leased and hired purchase assets. Asset Accountant is used by both small and large businesses, non-profit organisations and accounting practices. The current version has been built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Overall, we have 25 years of experience in fixed asset software and accounting for small businesses. We also have 35 years of experience in information technology and our experience in working with large and small enterprises in Australia will help to ensure that you receive the lease accounting service you deserve.

Lunic Software: A Reliable Lease Accounting and Finance Company Based in Australia

Lunic Software is a company based in Australia with an Australian help desk. There won’t be any instances of talking with someone who has issues with language, and it’s guaranteed that we will always be up to date with new tax legislation. We are consistently providing timely upgrades to comply with Australian Statutory Requirements.

So whether it’s ballooning payment schedules, refinancing HP contracts, or providing supporting schedules for accounts and tax purposes, Lunic Software offers comprehensive, practical solutions. Our AssetAccountant provides finance lease accounting, operating leases and chattel mortgages. Features of the comprehensive reporting are a detailed lease schedule, a summary of a lease schedule, a lease payment schedule, exporting reports to Excel and we offer expert report writers for custom reporting.

Information in our comprehensive journals include lease capitalisation, amortisation, lease payments and notes and the profits or losses that come from a given sale. Our forecasts include payments, interest and lease liability. Payment schedules can possess an interest in advance and residuals in the last period.

You must have at least Windows 7,8, or 10 to run our software, a 1Ghz processor, 512MB of Ram, and 850MB disk for a 32-bit operating system and a 2GB disk for a 64-bit operating system.

If you want to receive the finance lease accounting in Australia that will help your business operations run with ease, call us today on (02) 9437 6417.

Lunic Software Can Help Your Business Manage Hire Purchase Assets with its new Accounting Software for Businesses in Australia

To become a successful business, you are going to need to acquire assets such as a building or machinery. Examples of assets include computers, computer equipment, office furniture and even company cars. As a business owner, should you buy these assets outright or consider a hire purchase or lease? If you choose the latter, Lunic Software can help you manage hire purchase assets with our accounting software, AssetAccountant. The software is designed as a comprehensive accounting solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Hire purchase assets accounting can be a difficult task without the use of an accounting software program. We at Lunic Software have designed AssetAccountant to make it easy for your operation to provide reporting, forecasting and journal entries for your General Ledger.

Hire Purchase or Buy Outright?

Deciding whether to buy equipment outright or to choose financing depends upon the financial picture of the business. Buying is a feasible option for businesses that have the capital available to do so. For many companies, paying for equipment on hire purchase makes more sense. Doing so allows the business to use an asset for a certain period while making payments for it. Instead of paying one large sum for equipment, for example, a business can make small payments and use the extra cash to invest in other areas of the business. There are also many tax advantages for businesses that choose this option. Accounting for those tax advantages is something that Lunic Software and AssetAccountant do very well. Our hire purchase assets accounting software makes it easy to report, forecast and account for all of your assets on hire purchase.

There are advantages to buying capital equipment outright. A business fully owns an asset when they buy it. There are tax advantages related to owning assets as compared to paying for them on hire purchase. In buying a piece of equipment, a business does not tie itself to a long-term agreement that it may have trouble ending. Plus, buying assets means a business will pay less in the long run when compared to financing a purchase. Still, most small businesses just do not have the cash flow that it takes to buy equipment outright. When you factor in the depreciation of an asset over time, it makes sense for many businesses to finance the purchase of their fixed assets.

Our Hire Purchase Assets Accounting Software and Your Business

At Lunic Software, we have over 25 years of experience in fixed asset software and small business accounting. Our 35 years of information technology experience has allowed us to develop a comprehensive accounting solution for large and small businesses as well as non-profit organisations in Australia. What AssetAccountant can do for your business is to calculate interest over different time periods, daily, monthly, four weekly or quarterly. Should you have a balloon payment schedule, our software can account for it. Comprehensive journal reporting for all of your hire purchase payments is available as is the ability to account for refinanced contracts.

AssetAccountant is the premier hire purchase assets accounting software in Australia. To learn more and receive a free trial version or a free demonstration of the product, contact us today on (02) 9437 6417 or email us at

Lunic Software’s Asset Accountant is Built to Provide Australia with a New Asset Management Software Experience

Of the many aspects of running a business and probably the one most people like the least is accounting. Dealing with the numbers and managing your assets is not usually considered a fun time! It doesn’t help that for many businesses, their assets and leases are tracked in cumbersome spreadsheets that may be hard to use and very prone to errors. Lunic Software recognised in 2003 that the needs of businesses in Australia were not being met in this area. As a result, we created our Asset Accountant from the ground up to be a comprehensive and sleek solution for businesses, Not for Profit organisations and accounting firms.

If your leases, hire purchase agreements and fixed assets are all becoming too much to manage in one spreadsheet, Lunic Software and Asset Accountant are the perfect solution for you. Our software provides comprehensive reporting, including forecasts, which can be built into journals posted to your General Ledger. For an effective program suitable for a variety of situations, our asset management software will get the job done with ease.

Manage hire purchase, leased and fixed assets with ease

No matter what kind of asset management you need to accomplish, Lunic Software has the tools you need. AssetAccountant handles all types of business assets, from hire purchase schemes to chattel mortgages and fixed assets. If you are frustrated with your current asset management software because you find it often results in errors or is simply difficult to use, Asset Accountant is just what your business requires. Streamlined to provide an excellent user experience no matter what aspect of your business you’re managing, Asset Accountant is also built to be highly informative.

After we import your old spreadsheets into our software, take advantage of the program’s comprehensive reporting and journaling. Including lease capitalisation and amortisation figures, with the ability to export your data back to Excel, we have created a truly full-featured application. We’ve even included a custom report writer full of options. With reasonable minimum requirements and support for Windows 7, 8, and 10, Lunic Software provides Australia with asset management software businesses of any size can use with confidence.

Lunic Software strives to provide Australia with better software solutions

We believe in a better way for businesses to handle asset management at Lunic Software. Australia needed a simpler solution and that’s why we custom built our software and why our software is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows, including Windows 10. The software offers an excellent replacement for when you’ve outgrown your old spreadsheet and it provides you with powerful tools to more accurately account for your assets.

If you have any questions one of our dedicated support team members can offer a solution from our Australian call centre. When you want a solution that lets you focus more on running your business than running the numbers, Lunic Software and our asset management software is the right choice for your business. Call us now on (02) 9437 6417 for more information and a free demonstration.

Need a Better Way to Take Care of Your Hire Purchase Schedule Accounting? Lunic Software’s AssetAccountant is Built for Businesses in Australia

Managing your business’s assets is no easy task. When you need important assets to grow your business or accomplish a core part of your strategy, financing them is critical. When you need vehicles, real estate, heavy equipment or any other major tangible asset, a hire purchase schedule is the easiest way to get the assets you need on a timetable you can afford. However, as you do this, you must, of course, be mindful of the payment schedule as well as any applicable Australia tax statutes. Tracking your hire purchases in a spreadsheet program such as Excel can become slow, clunky, and difficult to use.

When you can’t accurately assess the state of your accounting, your business can struggle. Lunic Software has created an excellent complement to traditional spreadsheet programs that gives you access to intuitive, powerful and comprehensive hire purchase accounting. Australia can rely on Lunic Software’s experience to provide the programs you need to run an effective business. Take the stress out of managing your accounts and get the program that’s designed from the ground up for businesses.

Complete with necessary feature for accurate hire purchase accounting

If your business has accumulated a hefty hire purchase schedule, your old spreadsheet might no longer be sufficient. Has it become too difficult to manage all the different assets? Lunic Software can help you. AssetAccountant supports ballooning payment schedules, a wide range of interest calculations and allows you to refinance your HP contracts with ease. With the addition of comprehensive forecasting, it’s the complete package. Give us your current spreadsheet and we will convert it free of charge for use with AssetAccountant.

Handy integration with Excel lets you streamline your hire-purchase accounting and prevents you from needing to re-key data more than once. With simple system requirements and frequent updates, we make it easy to stay on top of your hire purchase schedule. Australia may sometimes change its statutes, so we also frequently update our software. You can trust that AssetAccountant always complies with all of Australia’s statutes and tax laws.

Lunic Software provides programs upon which your business can rely

When you need hire purchase accounting reports that are clear, easy to understand and fully comprehensive, the most effective solution Australia can purchase is our AssetAccountant. Based on the size of your business and the number of assets you track, there is a version of our program just for you. As you grow and expand your company, we make upgrading a breeze. But best of all, when you need support, our help line is available and staffed right here in Australia.

Whether you’re upgrading your machines and need a way to migrate away from MYOB Asset Manager Pro, or you just want to streamline the way your hire purchase schedule is managed, Lunic Software is ready to assist you. Get back to the important parts of your business by streamlining how you manage your hire purchase accounting.

For a demonstration or more information, please call us on (02) 9437 6417, or you can use our site to request a callback!

Take the Stress Out of Accounting with Asset Accounting Software Australia

It’s only natural that businesses want things to run smoother and easier. It’s only natural that a company wants to save time and money without having the added stress of worrying about the software needed to support it. That’s why AssetAccountant software Australia is your best option for complete, easy management of your accounting.

If you’re sick and tired of working within the rigid boundaries of your lease or hire purchase spreadsheet, Lunic software, based in Australia and with an Australian help desk, will load your spreadsheet free of charge with AssetAccountant software.

Nine Reasons to Acquire Asset Accounting Software from Lunic Software, Based Out of Australia.

At Lunic Software, we feel that our product is a superior option for both small and large businesses. To help convince you that our account software for assets is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make regarding your business, we have outlined nine reasons to support our thought that spreadsheets just aren’t enough to support the busy operations of a business.

  1. Asset accounting software is easy to use and not as error prone as spreadsheets
  2. We offer free conversion from your old Excel-based Asset Registers
  3. We also provide free conversions from MYOB AssetManager Pro
  4. Assets accounting software manages all different kinds of assets: from fixed, to leased, to hire purchased.
  5. Our accounting software for assets integrates seamlessly with Excel, Reckon Accounts and Quickbooks, so you’re not left with the tedious task of recapturing all your previous information.
  6. The software offers comprehensive reporting for your accountant and for tax purposes.
  7. Asset accounting software builds comprehensive journals for the general ledger.
  8. Lunic Software is based in Australia with an Australian help desk, so you don’t have to navigate through a foreign call centre.
  9. Assets accounting software offers continuous upgrades that ensure that the software keeps up with Australian statutory requirements.

About Us

Now that you know of the benefits that our software provides, it would be worthwhile to tell you a little bit about our company. Lunic software was founded in 2003 and offered the first versions of our Asset accounting software in 2004. Besides small and large businesses, we serve non-profit organisations and reputable accounting practices.

We offer over 25 years of experience in asset software and small business accounting and we pride ourselves on having more than 35 years within the information technology field. It is through our experience that our company has created it’s purpose to make accounting easier.

So take the stress out of accounting with our accounting software for assets. Save time and make things easier for you and your company. Enjoy the convenience that comes with superior technology. Achieve your business goals with greater ease. Make the right change now. Call us on (02) 9437 6417. Don’t just take our word for it, experience the benefits yourself!