AssetAccountant Provides Comprehensive and Simple to Use Leased Assets Accounting Software for Australia

One of the cornerstones of good business is accurate and informed asset management. No matter how good your business strategy is, you will never be able to hold on to your operating capital without careful management of your finances. If your office is using a product like Microsoft’s Excel or MYOB AssetManager Pro to manage a large number of assets, you might run into issues. Spreadsheets are hard to learn, hard to use, and prone to errors made by both humans and the program. When you need a better way to manage your leased assets, Lunic Software’s accounting software is made just for you. AssetAccountant replaces your spreadsheets with a program custom built to provide businesses in Australia with excellent leased assets accounting software. With several feature levels to choose from to suit your company, AssetAccountant can streamline your finances with its comprehensive reports designed for your General Ledger. This powerful software is an excellent choice when you are looking for a new way to tackle tracking your assets.

Everything your business needs in leased assets accounting software

Tracking leased assets isn’t just a matter of following best practices, it’s vital for your business. That’s why we created AssetAccountant to cover every facet that business owners need in accounting software for leased assets. Our program lets you finance leases, manage your operating leases and chattel mortgages, and allows you an easy method for calculating interest on leased assets. Ballooning payments are supported as are schedules for tax and accounts. It also generates reports you can attach directly to your General Ledger.

If your company is growing so fast that your spreadsheets can no longer keep up, they can be frustrating and difficult to use. Allow us to import your old sheets into AssetAccountant for you. Once you get a chance to see how powerful and well-rounded a tool it is, you’ll understand why so many businesses rely on Lunic Software for leased assets accounting software in Australia. Frequently updated and always compliant with tax and statutory regulations, our program lets you get a handle on your leased assets. In turn, you can form a more accurate picture of your business.

Decades of experience yield a product that just works

Backed by 35 years in information technology and 25 in fixed asset accounting, Lunic Software works hard to produce quality accounting software businesses, and non-profit organisations of any size can use. Whether you’re a pro at an accounting firm or an entrepreneur just trying to stay on top of things, AssetAccountant will make managing your leased assets easier than ever before. If you have any questions about the product, we offer a helpline with a guarantee that you will never be speaking to someone foreign! Our call centre is based in Australia just as we are. If you would like to see a demonstration to determine whether AssetAccountant is the right software for your business, we are more than happy to oblige. Call us on (02) 9437 6417 and we’ll work with you right away.