AssetAccountant from Lunic Software Is the Easiest Business Asset Management System in Australia

Businesses and Not-for-Profit organisations throughout Australia in search of accounting solutions that work need asset management software that complies with Australian statutory requirements and provides the correct accounting of all assets whether fixed, leased or hire purchase. Lunic Software provides AssetAccountant, the premier business asset management system in Australia, to a wide variety of large and small companies. Since releasing AssetAccountant in 2004, Lunic Software has grown to offer its unique accounting software to major national accounting practices that use it to process asset registers for numerous enterprises.

Why Your Operation Needs Business Asset Management Software in Australia

Whether you own a business or run a non-profit organisation, you need to account for all of your assets properly. Whether fixed, leased, or hire purchase assets, accounting for them can be extremely complex as your operation grows. Choosing the right system to manage a company’s assets is a vital decision. You need a business asset management system that meets the needs of your operation while also meeting the needs of the business from a tax reporting standpoint.

As your business or organisation grows, it would be ideal that your asset management system grows too. An asset register software that can grow as your business expands allows a business to focus on what it does best instead of searching for new methods of asset management. AssetAccountant provides businesses and Not-for-Profit organisations with the accounting tools they need to track and accurately report all of their asset transactions.

What AssetAccountant Can Do for Your Operation

As stated, your business needs an asset tracking and accounting system that meets the needs of the business and can grow along with it. At Lunic Software, we have taken our 25 years of small business accounting and fixed asset software experience and paired that with 35 years of work in information technology. The result is AssetAccountant, first launched in 2004. It is asset register software that is used by a large number of large and small businesses, non-profit organisations and accounting practices throughout Australia. Major national accounting firms use our software to manage the assets of businesses around the country.

We make it very easy to begin using AssetAccountant offering free conversion from any current Excel based asset registers. We can integrate your current asset management system to AssetAccountant so that you can start reaping the benefits of using our system. You get the advantage of working with an Australian company that offers technical support from an Australian helpdesk, not a foreign call centre. We also provide timely upgrades to make sure that AssetAccountant is always up to date with the latest tax legislation changes and Australian statutory requirements.

Among business asset management systems in Australia, AssetAccountant makes reporting much easier. It replaces error-prone spreadsheets and builds comprehensive journals for posting to the General Ledger.

To see AssetAccountant for yourself, contact us today on (02) 9437 6417 or email us at to receive a free trial version of the program or for a free one-hour online demonstration.