Lunic Software has the Perfect Accounting Software for Your Business that will Also Track Your Assets

Your company is probably operating several different types of accounting software. You may use one program to keep track of your accounts payable and receivables, one program for your general ledger, and another program for budgeting. Within one of those types of accounting software you may try to keep a handle on your assets and the tax consequences of your various financial arrangements such as financing, tied to those assets.

Inputting and managing the data multiple times within these various platforms is a draw on the resources of your company in lost time and employee salaries. Also, trying to control and make sense of the finances and tax implications of your asset purchases, leases, and hire purchases can be nearly impossible. That situation is complicated further by the fact that some of the financing arrangements may calculate interest in advance or in arrears and compound interest in different time intervals.

Lunic Software has developed accounting software right here in Australia that will manage all the information tied to your assets in an easily accessible format. AssetAccountant will track, forecast, and calculate the relevant data for internal accounting purposes such as reports and ledgers, including creating the journal entries for your general ledger.

AssetAccountant will also accumulate the data for the preparation of your tax and other regulatory filings. All this information can easily be imported and exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and many other forms of accounting software. You no longer have to re-enter the data on multiple platforms.

See how easy and intuitive the AssetAccountant accounting software is to use with a free demonstration. You will be glad you did.