When Your Company Outgrows Its Depreciation Computer Software, Lunic Software Provides Asset Schedule Reporting and Much More

As your business grows, there will come a time when it outgrows your company’s depreciation computer software. Proper reporting and accounting of all of your business’s assets are crucial, so to ensure your business’s accounting is correct, use Lunic Software’s AssetAccountant, which is used by major national accounting practices for small to medium operations throughout Australia. At Lunic Software, we have leveraged our 25 years of experience in fixed asset software and small business accounting and our 35 years in information technology to develop a comprehensive accounting solution for businesses across the country. Accounting for asset depreciation has never been simpler.

Understanding the Importance of Depreciation of Assets and Depreciation Software

As a business, your company has numerous physical assets including buildings, machinery, equipment, office furniture, computers, and much more. All of these assets will wear out, or depreciate, over time. Your business must account for this depreciation of assets and do so properly and in a manner advantageous to the business. The value of your business’s assets is spread over the life of the equipment. Calculating depreciation of your assets can be a complex task. At Lunic Software, we understand the importance of correctly accounting for the value of assets. That is why we developed AssetAccountant.

AssetAccountant is the comprehensive solution for your fixed assets. Depreciation is calculated correctly for both accounts and tax purposes. All supporting schedules are provided, and AssetAccountant tracks assets by their appropriate categories such as location or cost centre. This asset depreciation schedule software works for large, complicated registers as well as those that are much simpler. Your business will have access to a variety of reports, forecasts, and journal entries. No need to worry about your current fixed asset registers. Lunic Software offers free conversion from any existing Excel asset registers.

Why Choose Lunic Software

Modern business owners must have the right computer software accounting package if their businesses are to be successful. The days of poring over ledgers are gone. Accounting software must meet the needs of a business, be able to grow with the business, allow for integration with current accounting methods, and must be cost effective. AssetAccountant meets all of these qualifications. Our asset register software was first released in 2004 for fixed, leased, and hire purchase assets. It is used throughout the country by businesses and Not-for-Profit organisations large and small.

What your business receives when you work with Lunic Software is an Australian company with an Australian help desk. AssetAccountant complies with all Australian government statutory requirements and is always updated to account for any changes in tax legislation. Your business can also test the premier depreciation computer software in Australia. We offer a free online demonstration so you can experience how AssetAccountant can help you with your accounting practices. To receive a demonstration or the free trial version, call us directly on (02) 9437 6417 or email us at mark@lunicsoftware.com.au.