Fix Frustration with Asset Accountant, Your New Fixed Asset Accounting Program

Are you at your wit’s end with spreadsheet management of fixed assets? Are you tired of errors caused by the spreadsheets and completely frustrated with the process? Don’t pull out your hair any longer and step away from the pain relieving medication. Solve your accounting headaches with AssetAccountant fixed asset accounting program. We can resolve your frustration with an easy to use accounting program trusted by businesses all over Australia. We will load your spreadsheet free of charge and have helpful staff right here in Australia to help. No more overseas and automated customer support to add to your frustration. Make an easy conversion to AssetAccountant and enjoy the accounting process again. Moreover, our fixed asset accounting program generates reports that are easy to read.

AssetAccountant from Lunic provides journal building for easier General Ledger posting, making your life easier. Think of our fixed asset accounting program as the newest member of your accounting team, without the added expense of having to pay it benefits and vacation pay! Not to mention, AssetAccountant works overtime for you as your total fixed asset management accounting solution.

Simple and effective, our software is excellent for everything from small to large and complex registers. AssetAccountant grows and changes right along with your business. Our software works with Windows operating systems versions 7-10. Minimum system requirements for use are 512MB of Ram, 850MB of disk space for a 32-bit system or 2GB for 64 bits, using a 1GHz processor. Call us today for a free trial version (02) 9437 6417.