Fixed Asset Accounting Software Loaded with Features

Lunic Software, an Australian company formed in 2003, is changing the game when it comes to accounting programs. AssetAccountant represents the latest in fixed asset accounting software, and our newest version is readily available for free trials or demonstrations. With this software, users are offered free conversion from Excel asset registers, comprehensive journals and reporting, the ability to split assets when part of an asset is sold, and many other powerful features.

The use of fixed asset accounting software like AssetAccountant can help you to avoid mistakes made with regular fixed asset spreadsheets. That’s because spreadsheets can be complicated, difficult to use, and error prone. Often it’s not you; it’s the equipment you use. You might be a terrific accountant, but the truth is that people still make mistakes. They just make less of them when they have good tools, like the ones Lunic Software is offering.

All of our fixed asset accounting software complies with the Australian statutory requirements and is kept up to date with changes to the tax legislation. This means that you’ll have tools on the cutting edge of the industry with the latest version of AssetAccountant, which will help you work more efficiently than ever before. When you’re ready to upgrade your accounting software, just check out our website or call us for a trial or demo. We’ll help you play the numbers game in ways you could have always imagined.