Replace Your Spreadsheet with Fixed Asset Depreciation Software

If you’re looking for a comprehensive accounting solution to help take the next step forward in your work, you should strongly consider fixed asset depreciation software. Using the right program can reduce the possibility of error when it gets down to number crunching, and can save you time and money as a result. A program like AssetAccountant, which is offered by Lunic Software, can even load your existing spreadsheet free of charge so that you can transition to the new technology seamlessly. That’s not all, though. These programs also give you abilities far beyond the range of conventional spreadsheets.

AssetAccountant functions as fixed asset depreciation software by specifying the depreciation basis and effective life for both accounts and tax. Furthermore, it includes information about the depreciation basis of prime cost, diminishing value, Div43, units of use, low-value pool, STS and software pool. A handful of other helpful abilities makes this latest offering from Lunic Software one of the most efficient fixed asset depreciation software options on the market. Better yet, our company is Australian and uses an Australian help desk, so you’ll always be able to get relevant information from a person who understands how you’re using the product.

If you’re interested in leaving behind your spreadsheet once and for all, contact Lunic Software today. More information about AssetAccountant and our other software can easily be found on our web page or by calling our help desk, so don’t hesitate.