Lunic Software Has the Right Fixed Asset Register Program for Your Business

If your company has outgrown your existing fixed asset register program, you need to contact Lunic Software. Our fixed asset register program is easy to use for both simple registers, as well as complex fixed asset registers. Our AssetAccountant software allows you to create extensive reports, make countless types of enquiries, prepare forecasts, and create journal entries. You can also export to Microsoft Excel to avoid the duplicate work of re-keying the relevant information.

Our fixed asset register program will allow you to enter both a depreciation basis and track effective life for both your own accounting purposes and for tax reporting. You can also choose the depreciation basis for each fixed asset such as prime cost, diminishing value, Div 43, etc.

Our users can view and prepare all the appropriate supporting schedules for their own accounting purposes and for preparing their taxes. With our fixed asset register software, you can also track assets by cost centre, location, or any other relevant category. AssetAccountant creates a full journal to be posted directly to the general ledger of your company. You can also quickly calculate gains, losses or CGT gain/loss on any of your fixed assets.

By using our fixed asset register program, your company will no longer face an accounting nightmare when you sell part of a fixed asset. AssetAccountant can easily split the asset for accounting purposes and calculate the cost basis and gain or loss on the portion sold as well as continue to carry the portion retained.