Tired of Your Complex Asset Register? Lunic Software Is the Leader in Fixed Asset Software in Australia

There used to be days where a small business used an accountant who had to comb through ledgers and make sure that everything added up. Accountants would check a company’s asset register to ensure correct reporting of the business’s assets. This task is complex and takes a great deal of time. Modern fixed asset software, such as that developed by Lunic Software, makes accounting for the small business much easier. Our company’s AssetAccountant is accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses for fixed, leased and hire purchase assets. Your company will benefit from the use of our comprehensive accounting solution.

Selecting the Right Fixed Asset Software for Your Business

The question for a small business owner is: what is the appropriate accounting software for the business’s needs? Business owners must consider many factors and making the wrong decision can be disastrous to a firm’s financial record keeping. When making a decision about accounting software, companies must consider the capability of the package, how well it expands with the business, the software’s compatibility and its cost.

In choosing asset register software, a company must first make sure that the software has the capabilities necessary to fulfil the needs of the operation. Business owners must assess what the company needs from its accounting software. At Lunic Software, we provide a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of complicated asset registers as well as simple ones. AssetAccountant is the perfect solution for fixed assets with the ability to produce all sorts of reports, forecasts and much more.

AssetAccountant Grows with Your Business

As a budding entrepreneur, you would love to see your operation grow. As you build the business, you will acquire more assets and must have the proper accounting of all of them. Our fixed asset software, AssetAccountant, is used by large and small businesses all over Australia. No matter the size of your business, we have the accounting software solution that fits your business and saves you the need for constant upgrades as your enterprise grows.

Compatible with Your Existing Software

Another feature of the perfect fixed asset software is its compatibility with your existing accounting services. If you are a small operation and are using just a simple Excel spreadsheet, we offer free conversion from existing asset registers. We also offer free changeover from MYOB AssetManager Pro Integration with Excel, Reckon Accounts and QuickBooks. With 25 years of experience in fixed asset software and small business accounting, Lunic Software’s AssetAccountant offers a simple conversion process to ensure proper accounting of assets for small and medium sized businesses.

Arrange A Free Demonstration

To experience the leading fixed asset software in Australia for yourself, arrange to receive a free one-hour demonstration of our product or a free trial version. Experience for yourself why you should be using AssetAccountant. When you choose Lunic Software, you select an Australian company offering its customers an Australian help desk, timely upgrades, and outstanding service.

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