Is it Time for Your Company to Invest in a Lease Accounting Program?

Any business that leases assets has experienced the frustration and complex accounting that accompanies those leases. It seems that the terms of every lease is different, and your standard accounting software just doesn’t have the flexibility to handle all of the variables.

Lunic Software has the answer to this otherwise perplexing problem. Our AssetAccountant software is more than just a lease accounting program; it is the perfect tool to handle all your asset accounting needs. This powerful program will simplify the tasks associated with managing your company’s assets and reporting for tax and other internal accounting purposes.

The lease accounting program contained in AssetAccountant will allow you to prepare and view reports for finance leases, operating leases, and chattel mortgages. You can calculate interest using different compounding periods and calculate interest in advance or arrears.

You will be able to compile all relevant data, reports and journal entries quickly and easily. You can only imagine how much easier forecasting your lease payments and liabilities will be the next time you are working on a budget. With a few mouse clicks, you will have all the necessary data ready to be exported to your Excel spreadsheet. Try doing that with any other lease accounting program!

Your payment schedule can even be entered manually or by using our “Quick Fill” method. With this easy to use lease accounting program, we will even assist you in importing all your asset data from many other accounting programs. Call Lunic Software today to schedule a demonstration of this powerful lease accounting program.