When Your Company Outgrows Its Depreciation Computer Software, Lunic Software Provides Asset Schedule Reporting and Much More

As your business grows, there will come a time when it outgrows your company’s depreciation computer software. Proper reporting and accounting of all of your business’s assets are crucial, so to ensure your business’s accounting is correct, use Lunic Software’s AssetAccountant, which is used by major national accounting practices for small to medium operations throughout Australia. At Lunic Software, we have leveraged our 25 years of experience in fixed asset software and small business accounting and our 35 years in information technology to develop a comprehensive accounting solution for businesses across the country. Accounting for asset depreciation has never been simpler.

Understanding the Importance of Depreciation of Assets and Depreciation Software

As a business, your company has numerous physical assets including buildings, machinery, equipment, office furniture, computers, and much more. All of these assets will wear out, or depreciate, over time. Your business must account for this depreciation of assets and do so properly and in a manner advantageous to the business. The value of your business’s assets is spread over the life of the equipment. Calculating depreciation of your assets can be a complex task. At Lunic Software, we understand the importance of correctly accounting for the value of assets. That is why we developed AssetAccountant.

AssetAccountant is the comprehensive solution for your fixed assets. Depreciation is calculated correctly for both accounts and tax purposes. All supporting schedules are provided, and AssetAccountant tracks assets by their appropriate categories such as location or cost centre. This asset depreciation schedule software works for large, complicated registers as well as those that are much simpler. Your business will have access to a variety of reports, forecasts, and journal entries. No need to worry about your current fixed asset registers. Lunic Software offers free conversion from any existing Excel asset registers.

Why Choose Lunic Software

Modern business owners must have the right computer software accounting package if their businesses are to be successful. The days of poring over ledgers are gone. Accounting software must meet the needs of a business, be able to grow with the business, allow for integration with current accounting methods, and must be cost effective. AssetAccountant meets all of these qualifications. Our asset register software was first released in 2004 for fixed, leased, and hire purchase assets. It is used throughout the country by businesses and Not-for-Profit organisations large and small.

What your business receives when you work with Lunic Software is an Australian company with an Australian help desk. AssetAccountant complies with all Australian government statutory requirements and is always updated to account for any changes in tax legislation. Your business can also test the premier depreciation computer software in Australia. We offer a free online demonstration so you can experience how AssetAccountant can help you with your accounting practices. To receive a demonstration or the free trial version, call us directly on (02) 9437 6417 or email us at mark@lunicsoftware.com.au.

Lunic Software has the Perfect Accounting Software for Your Business that will Also Track Your Assets

Your company is probably operating several different types of accounting software. You may use one program to keep track of your accounts payable and receivables, one program for your general ledger, and another program for budgeting. Within one of those types of accounting software you may try to keep a handle on your assets and the tax consequences of your various financial arrangements such as financing, tied to those assets.

Inputting and managing the data multiple times within these various platforms is a draw on the resources of your company in lost time and employee salaries. Also, trying to control and make sense of the finances and tax implications of your asset purchases, leases, and hire purchases can be nearly impossible. That situation is complicated further by the fact that some of the financing arrangements may calculate interest in advance or in arrears and compound interest in different time intervals.

Lunic Software has developed accounting software right here in Australia that will manage all the information tied to your assets in an easily accessible format. AssetAccountant will track, forecast, and calculate the relevant data for internal accounting purposes such as reports and ledgers, including creating the journal entries for your general ledger.

AssetAccountant will also accumulate the data for the preparation of your tax and other regulatory filings. All this information can easily be imported and exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and many other forms of accounting software. You no longer have to re-enter the data on multiple platforms.

See how easy and intuitive the AssetAccountant accounting software is to use with a free demonstration. You will be glad you did.

Lunic Software Has the Right Fixed Asset Register Program for Your Business

If your company has outgrown your existing fixed asset register program, you need to contact Lunic Software. Our fixed asset register program is easy to use for both simple registers, as well as complex fixed asset registers. Our AssetAccountant software allows you to create extensive reports, make countless types of enquiries, prepare forecasts, and create journal entries. You can also export to Microsoft Excel to avoid the duplicate work of re-keying the relevant information.

Our fixed asset register program will allow you to enter both a depreciation basis and track effective life for both your own accounting purposes and for tax reporting. You can also choose the depreciation basis for each fixed asset such as prime cost, diminishing value, Div 43, etc.

Our users can view and prepare all the appropriate supporting schedules for their own accounting purposes and for preparing their taxes. With our fixed asset register software, you can also track assets by cost centre, location, or any other relevant category. AssetAccountant creates a full journal to be posted directly to the general ledger of your company. You can also quickly calculate gains, losses or CGT gain/loss on any of your fixed assets.

By using our fixed asset register program, your company will no longer face an accounting nightmare when you sell part of a fixed asset. AssetAccountant can easily split the asset for accounting purposes and calculate the cost basis and gain or loss on the portion sold as well as continue to carry the portion retained.

If Your Company Ever Hire Purchases Any Assets, You Need Our Hire Purchase Accounting Program

If your company has ever entered into a hire purchase arrangement for an asset, you know what an accounting quagmire that can be. Not only from an internal accounting perspective but also for tax purposes. Lunic Software has the perfect hire purchase accounting program to solve this issue and many other asset accounting problems.

Our AssetAccountant software can calculate interest on a daily, four-weekly, monthly or quarterly compounding period. A unique feature of our hire purchase accounting program is that the payment schedule can utilise interest in advance or arrears. You no longer have to extrapolate those interest figures for the first and last month’s payments to determine in which tax or fiscal year you accrued the interest. Also, you can delineate for the residual of the hire purchase contract in the last payment or at a later date. Our hire purchase accounting program was also specifically designed to allow for custom ballooning payment schedules.

With AssetAccountant, you will no longer have to close out the hire purchase account and start a new one merely because you refinanced the arrangement.

The hire purchase accounting program from Lunic Software allows you to prepare a multitude of reports and journals for all your hire purchase assets. Those reports can be as detailed as you like for a particular purpose, or can merely be summary schedules. You can track payments, capitalisation, amortisation, notes, and profit or loss on a sale. You can also forecast all the above information for planning and budgeting purposes.

Is it Time for Your Company to Invest in a Lease Accounting Program?

Any business that leases assets has experienced the frustration and complex accounting that accompanies those leases. It seems that the terms of every lease is different, and your standard accounting software just doesn’t have the flexibility to handle all of the variables.

Lunic Software has the answer to this otherwise perplexing problem. Our AssetAccountant software is more than just a lease accounting program; it is the perfect tool to handle all your asset accounting needs. This powerful program will simplify the tasks associated with managing your company’s assets and reporting for tax and other internal accounting purposes.

The lease accounting program contained in AssetAccountant will allow you to prepare and view reports for finance leases, operating leases, and chattel mortgages. You can calculate interest using different compounding periods and calculate interest in advance or arrears.

You will be able to compile all relevant data, reports and journal entries quickly and easily. You can only imagine how much easier forecasting your lease payments and liabilities will be the next time you are working on a budget. With a few mouse clicks, you will have all the necessary data ready to be exported to your Excel spreadsheet. Try doing that with any other lease accounting program!

Your payment schedule can even be entered manually or by using our “Quick Fill” method. With this easy to use lease accounting program, we will even assist you in importing all your asset data from many other accounting programs. Call Lunic Software today to schedule a demonstration of this powerful lease accounting program.

Lunic Software Has Developed the Perfect Lease Equipment Program for You

Lunic Software is an Australian company that was formed in 2003, timed with the 2004 launch of the first version of AssetAccountant. Before the creation of Lunic Software, we had twelve years of experience in fixed asset software and small business accounting, and twenty-two years of experience in the field of information technology.

Since the original launch in 2004, AssetAccountant has grown to become the preferred leased equipment program for large and small companies, not-for-profit organisations, and national accounting practices. A free demonstration of this powerful program will quickly show you why.

The leased equipment program is easy to use, and the data for your leased equipment can be imported and exported quickly and smoothly. The program was designed to track all types of leased equipment including finance leases, operating leases, and chattel mortgages.

At Lunic Software, we know that easy access to financial information is key to the success or failure of your business. That is why AssetAccountant allows the user to prepare reports and forecasts in whatever form is most useful to your business. You can also include varying amounts of data, depending on the task at hand. This leased equipment program will also prepare and export journal entries to other programs such as your general ledger.

In the unlikely event that you should have an issue or question while using AssetAccountant, our call centre is located right here in Australia. We also provide all necessary upgrades to keep you up to date with all Australian regulatory and taxing requirements.

Fix Frustration with Asset Accountant, Your New Fixed Asset Accounting Program

Are you at your wit’s end with spreadsheet management of fixed assets? Are you tired of errors caused by the spreadsheets and completely frustrated with the process? Don’t pull out your hair any longer and step away from the pain relieving medication. Solve your accounting headaches with AssetAccountant fixed asset accounting program. We can resolve your frustration with an easy to use accounting program trusted by businesses all over Australia. We will load your spreadsheet free of charge and have helpful staff right here in Australia to help. No more overseas and automated customer support to add to your frustration. Make an easy conversion to AssetAccountant and enjoy the accounting process again. Moreover, our fixed asset accounting program generates reports that are easy to read.

AssetAccountant from Lunic provides journal building for easier General Ledger posting, making your life easier. Think of our fixed asset accounting program as the newest member of your accounting team, without the added expense of having to pay it benefits and vacation pay! Not to mention, AssetAccountant works overtime for you as your total fixed asset management accounting solution.

Simple and effective, our software is excellent for everything from small to large and complex registers. AssetAccountant grows and changes right along with your business. Our software works with Windows operating systems versions 7-10. Minimum system requirements for use are 512MB of Ram, 850MB of disk space for a 32-bit system or 2GB for 64 bits, using a 1GHz processor. Call us today for a free trial version (02) 9437 6417.

Fixed Asset Accounting Software Loaded with Features

Lunic Software, an Australian company formed in 2003, is changing the game when it comes to accounting programs. AssetAccountant represents the latest in fixed asset accounting software, and our newest version is readily available for free trials or demonstrations. With this software, users are offered free conversion from Excel asset registers, comprehensive journals and reporting, the ability to split assets when part of an asset is sold, and many other powerful features.

The use of fixed asset accounting software like AssetAccountant can help you to avoid mistakes made with regular fixed asset spreadsheets. That’s because spreadsheets can be complicated, difficult to use, and error prone. Often it’s not you; it’s the equipment you use. You might be a terrific accountant, but the truth is that people still make mistakes. They just make less of them when they have good tools, like the ones Lunic Software is offering.

All of our fixed asset accounting software complies with the Australian statutory requirements and is kept up to date with changes to the tax legislation. This means that you’ll have tools on the cutting edge of the industry with the latest version of AssetAccountant, which will help you work more efficiently than ever before. When you’re ready to upgrade your accounting software, just check out our website or call us for a trial or demo. We’ll help you play the numbers game in ways you could have always imagined.

You Will Appreciate Our Fixed Asset Depreciation Program

Looking for a fixed asset depreciation program you can appreciate? Accounting humour aside if you have seriously outgrown your fixed asset spreadsheet, AssetAccountant from Lunic Software can make accounting for depreciation easy. Lunic Software, established in 2003 is an Australian based company who has made accounting easier since its release of the first version of AssetAccountant in 2004. Australian businesses and non-profits large and small trust us for their finance asset management needs. Enjoy the following features in AssetAccountant, the fixed asset depreciation program from Lunic Software:

  • Supporting schedules for Accounts and Tax
  • Asset tracking by location, Cost Centre and other categories
  • Effective Life and depreciation based specifications for Accounts and Tax
  • Diminishing Value, Low Value, Div 43, Units of Use, Software Pool and STS and depreciation basis of prime cost
  • Gain and loss calculation on sale or CGT

You will also enjoy free conversion from your current asset register in Excel and an automated conversion process if you’re an Xlon or Solution 6 user. AssetAccountant provides thorough reporting, journals and gives you the capability when parts of an asset are sold, to enter it as a split asset. It also has robust Excel reporting features, and most transaction types can be loaded from Excel. If you’re in charge of selecting a fixed asset depreciation program for your organisation, call us for a free demonstration trial of the software. Try it out and see the difference it can make to impact your accounting workload. We’re confident that we have the best solution for you and allow you to try before you buy.

Replace Your Spreadsheet with Fixed Asset Depreciation Software

If you’re looking for a comprehensive accounting solution to help take the next step forward in your work, you should strongly consider fixed asset depreciation software. Using the right program can reduce the possibility of error when it gets down to number crunching, and can save you time and money as a result. A program like AssetAccountant, which is offered by Lunic Software, can even load your existing spreadsheet free of charge so that you can transition to the new technology seamlessly. That’s not all, though. These programs also give you abilities far beyond the range of conventional spreadsheets.

AssetAccountant functions as fixed asset depreciation software by specifying the depreciation basis and effective life for both accounts and tax. Furthermore, it includes information about the depreciation basis of prime cost, diminishing value, Div43, units of use, low-value pool, STS and software pool. A handful of other helpful abilities makes this latest offering from Lunic Software one of the most efficient fixed asset depreciation software options on the market. Better yet, our company is Australian and uses an Australian help desk, so you’ll always be able to get relevant information from a person who understands how you’re using the product.

If you’re interested in leaving behind your spreadsheet once and for all, contact Lunic Software today. More information about AssetAccountant and our other software can easily be found on our web page or by calling our help desk, so don’t hesitate.